A Long Journey Ahead…

A long journey ahead… Actually, the plane ride will be the easiest part of our trip… It’s TSA, customs, a 2 hour bus ride into the mountains, and the “taxi” trip in the back of a truck that will be the hard part.

Fun fact: the TSA agent who helped us has a daughter that is a Cho-Yeh camper

Today is our travel day, and tomorrow, we will split into two teams and join the process of building two homes for homeless families. In the afternoon, we will join back up with our team an run a day camp for close to 300 kids! Thats a full camp in the summer at Cho-Yeh!

SO, you know what to PRAY for… Transportation that works, plans that pan out and God’s blessing and presence surrounding and leading our trip!

A few things to remember:

Keep up with our daily updates through Camp Cho-Yeh’s blog.

I will be posting photos and stories of what Christ accomplished through us in the following week, so stay tuned!

If you would like to support our team financially, go to: www.cho-yeh.org/donate
1. Create an account
2. Enter your debit/credit card information
3. Designate your One-Time-Donation as: “Other – Cory in Honduras”

Camp Cho-Yeh is a 501c3 Non-profit charity, and donations made to Cho-Yeh on my behalf are tax deductible. Donations above my $1,100 commitment will be applied toward the Honduras trip fund and will be used to meet the costs of our trip.


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