Looking back on an amazing trip (part 1 of 3)


We arrived back at Cho-Yeh on Saturday afternoon to a night of recollection and laundry! It seems surreal that just a moment ago, we were in Honduras. The entire trip was amazing and, honestly, too short for me, but there was definitely a large impact on both ourselves and the families we served.

Our mornings were spent with a large breakfast at the camp, a short, but deep, personal devo time and building one room 18×15 homes for families that had been chosen by the local church. We were well taken care of by the Heart to Honduras Staff. We had such a large number in our group that even by splitting into two teams we finished two homes way ahead of schedule, so we were able to paint one home and start construction on a third that had been funded by an American family, but did not have anyone to build it. Our first two homes were funded by the money that has been raised by Cho-Yeh and all of us on the trip.



Our first build project is now the home of the Cardnales Family with 10 kids (photos above). Rueben (the dad) is a field worker and makes an average of $4 per day. It costs $1 to buy a coke! A majority of the kids also work in the fields to help support the family. We had an amazing time celebrating with the family, both at their home and at the local church service.



Our second build project (photos above) was next to the church on a portion of the land that had been donated by themselves as a place for the church to be built. This is a family of 3 who have lived with their in-laws for 18 years, and who, when they first heard the news that the church had chosen them to recieve a house, were selfless in asking that someone else be chosen. However, the church agreed that this house was to be built for this family. It was a huge blessing to hear the family’s testimony at the church service and the dedication of their home

Stay tuned! More info to come…

Thank you for your contribution to making this trip a success! To date, I have raised $650 towards my $1,100 commitment, and overall, Cho-Yeh is $3,000 short of funds raised to meet the costs of this trip.

If you would like to help us meet the costs of this trip, go to: www.cho-yeh.org/donate
1. Create an account
2. Enter your debit/credit card information
3. Designate your One-Time-Donation as: “Other – Cory in Honduras”

Camp Cho-Yeh is a 501c3 Non-profit charity, and donations made to Cho-Yeh on my behalf are tax deductible. Donations above my $1,100 commitment will be applied toward the Honduras trip fund and will be used to meet the costs of our trip.


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